UPDATE 8/21/16


Nathan Blanchard Landed a  130lb Striped Marlin on 8/5 on the Bob Sled captained by Bob Arinson. Location given was the Ridge (181/182).



Jim Lyon landed a rare catch for these waters with a 39lb Shortbill Spearfish. Filleted and released.  Fish was caught on 8/5 at the 43 fathom spot on the boat Pura Vida captained by Jean Dupre. Was hungry and inhaled a small Black Bart jig in purple and black after knocking down several others in the spread.


On 8/6 Marlin Club Members Chuck, Ryan and Carolyn Farnau brought in two nice Bluefin on the boat Zorro captained by Mark Henwood.  Got em on 130 lb tackle with the largest going 228 lbs.

Largest Bluefin of the season so far was caught on 8/18 by angler Douglas Nilsen on the boat Tuna Jihad captained by Ali Hussany.  Weighed in at 274 lbs and caught at the 43 spot.


On 8/21/16 angler Ed Howerton brought in a 272.0 lbs Bluefin Tuna On the boat Killer Whale, captianed by Dennis Burlason.  This beauty was caught between the 43 and the 181.


Update  6/5/16

Been a busy week at the marlin club weighing in some amazing catches for an already spectacular season.  

Sunday 6/5.  first marlin of the season brought to the scales at the marlin club weighing in at 128.8 lbs on the boat no name captained by Eric Burnett.  The angler, Kevin Sundermann landed the fish in one hour and it was hooked on a slow trolled mackerel just outside the 302.

Saturday 6/4 yielded an impressive catch with a Swordfish Caught by Kevin Harvey at 344.4 lbs on 80 Lb gear on the Controlled Chaos captained by Pete Grossbeck.  As if that was not enough Tyler Harvey landed a 223.4 lb Bluefin after a 2 hour battle on the same boat!  Pretty amazing day.


Four Large Bluefin came to the scales on  (6/2)

128.6 Darren Pasalich

107.4 Eric Nelson

115.8 Kevin Kelly

102.4 Kevin Watson




Member Kris Kinsella brought in a 50.8 Lb white seabass to the scales today (5/20/16) caught on the half Scoop.  Nice Job Kris.