The Marlin Club was organized September 15th 1931 by a small group of ardent anglers that shared the common interest of marlin fishing. These sportsmen created angling rules to ensure that all members would compete on an equal basis as well as promote sportsmanship and offshore angling in Southern California. Many of these rules have since been adopted and used by anglers internationally. The clubhouse at 2445 Shelter Island Drive was established in 1952 with the purpose of maintaining a free, certified weigh station for the sport fishing public of San Diego. The club also maintains a free catch report number updated daily, with valuable information on the hows and wheres of Southern California's offshore fishing. Many other fishing organizations use the facility as a weigh station for their own tournaments. This public service is provided by the club membership through payment of their annual dues. Whether it's a catch for bragging rights or a world record claim, the club will weigh and document your catch Free Of Charge! A professional photographer and fish processing are also available on call. If you wish to take advantage of these services, Please radio ahead to make arrangements on VHF CH 78.