Gaff Line

Updated on May 26th 2017

Greetings Members,
We have had some questions about the Spring Shootout which is this Saturday the 27th and we wanted to reach out and clarify a couple things.
You do not have to enter the Jackpots they are all optional! We still have a great variety of Prizes and Trophies
for the tournament same as always and there will be a giant raffle as well. With that said the Jackpots total over $4,000 and are still
climbing so there is some real money on the line! Lots of opportunities for guys to fish coastal and offshore or even
both if you have a fast boat! You can contact Tournament Chairman Bob Woodard with any specific questions just leave
a message at the club and he will call you back. Jake our new President is making a big push to get the club up to speed quickly with our social media
and we will be sending along info on that, if you are on Facebook look up The Marlin Club and like us, same with Instagram simple as that.
We will be making frequent posts and even some live updates from the spring shootout weigh in this Saturday!
We have lots of cool shirts, hats and hoodies available at the club so stop by and take a look when you are in the neighborhood.


Don't forget to check in at the website from time to time.


UPDATE  5/15/17

From the Bridge:  by President Jake Russell

After a brief hiatus, I am happy to say, "The Gaffline is back!"

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Jake Russell and I have been elected as your new club president. My family history with the club goes back to my grandfather and grandmother, Ken & Ruth Denton, who were dedicated members that really helped pioneer sport fishing here in the 40's & 50's. I get a awesome feeling that is hard to describe when I'm at the weigh station, knowing my father, my grandfather, and I, have all stood here weighing fish in. I want you to know my history so you know I share that same dedication to the club. So let’s get caught up!


Day at the Docks was a great day for the club with lots of traffic at our space, and a successful kid's fishing derby at the club. There were about 30 kids, and almost all of them caught and released fish! Special thanks to Melissa who held down the tent when the wind started to blow at the landing, and to Marcus Hale and all his volunteers who put on a great kids derby as usual. 

 I would also like to thank all the volunteers who helped during the Fred Hall show and Day at the Docks. Your time is appreciated.  

Without giving a full agenda of what we have planned for the club this year, the main focus will be on the repairing the pier cross ties to stiffen her up a bit, making it easier to hoist fish, and return the classic white and blue paint colors I remember as a kid. After that, everything should be ready for weighing fish and we are anticipating a busy season! We have also purchased a sign board to create more exposure out front and increase traffic to the club. Thanks to Bob Woodard Jr. for donating his sign work on the new sign board.


Our other immediate focus will be on increasing our social media footprint. We plan on using Facebook and Instagram to both broadcast instant fish reports and weigh-ins, and drive more people to our website where they will be able to buy a shirt or a hat or sign-up and pay for one of our fishing tournaments. Hopefully they learn more about the club and join or make a contribution. It has been neglected for too long and I see an immediate need.  I will be working with a social media expert to help us get on the fast track.


Spring Shootout update by Bob Woodard:

By now everyone knows The 15th annual Spring Shootout has been delayed due to weather the new date is May 27th. Please sign up if you haven't already and join the fun. Fishing is improving daily now, should be even better in 2 weeks. Huge raffle, giant trophies and over $4,000 already in jackpot money. For those not wishing to be in the jackpots there are some very nice prizes as always. Fishermen’s Landing has once again donated four custom rods for the 15th year in a row! Pelagic has come through with a fantastic package of prizes and raffle items. Thanks also to Marine Exchange and Everingham Brother’s Bait CO. who have been with this tournament from the start and also contributed prizes and raffle items. Fiddler’s Green and Steve Rock are stepping in to take charge of the BBQ. I MUST Thanks Doug Roger and Doug Verani who have cooked this event for years. We have lost Doug Roger’s this year after a battle with Cancer but his memory will be with us always especially on this day. For more information on the Jackpot format go to our website at

Coming up next in June is the Blackman Memorial Halibut Tournament stay tuned for more info on this, you can also download an entry online. Attached Pics: This beautiful Black Sea Bass.Was caught and Released by Bob Woodard Sr on the “Christina Lynn” at Catalina Island last week.

Thresher shark caught by Rich Truffa on Jon Wilson’s Helen Cthis Sat. The Big T came on a mackeral and Bait O Matic combo and weighed in at 231lbs Congrats Guys!


Well, it's been quite a summer. So much going on that it's taken THIS LONG to get a report out to you! First let's start with the fish updates. We've had quite a season so far with so many outstanding fish being caught:

1 swordfish 349.4 lbs.

Controlled Chaos, Kevin Harvey

2 marlin weighed (non-member)

1 marlin released (non-member)

1 shortbill 39lbs (non-member)

75 bluefin with 10 over 200 lbs

largest 255 on the Dos Hermanos, Paul Purcell


Still waiting for the first marlin to be caught by a member.


 Some of you have had some truly memorable catches. We still have time left to get out there, with some exciting tournaments coming up. 


Some reminders for all of you: don't forget the guidelines regarding the use of the parking lot and the slips. Make sure you time your 72 hour stay BEFORE you head out not after. We all must remind ourselves of these so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy the benefits of membership.


Melissa and Julia continue to do a great job and we all owe them a debt of thanks for keeping things rolling so well. The club is looking great thanks to her efforts and all of you who have come down to lend a hand. We couldn't do it without you! 


The Juniors tournament is in a couple of days and we invite you to come on down and have a hot dog and cheer those kids on!


Happy fishing,


Don Wroncy