Gaff Line


Well, it's been quite a summer. So much going on that it's taken THIS LONG to get a report out to you! First let's start with the fish updates. We've had quite a season so far with so many outstanding fish being caught:

1 swordfish 349.4 lbs.

Controlled Chaos, Kevin Harvey

2 marlin weighed (non-member)

1 marlin released (non-member)

1 shortbill 39lbs (non-member)

75 bluefin with 10 over 200 lbs

largest 255 on the Dos Hermanos, Paul Purcell


Still waiting for the first marlin to be caught by a member.


 Some of you have had some truly memorable catches. We still have time left to get out there, with some exciting tournaments coming up. 


Some reminders for all of you: don't forget the guidelines regarding the use of the parking lot and the slips. Make sure you time your 72 hour stay BEFORE you head out not after. We all must remind ourselves of these so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy the benefits of membership.


Melissa and Julia continue to do a great job and we all owe them a debt of thanks for keeping things rolling so well. The club is looking great thanks to her efforts and all of you who have come down to lend a hand. We couldn't do it without you! 


The Juniors tournament is in a couple of days and we invite you to come on down and have a hot dog and cheer those kids on!


Happy fishing,


Don Wroncy