Hello! Welcome members, anglers, and friends to the first GAFFLINE of the 2018 fishing season! Things are shaping up, and if the latest tuna action on the banks is any indication, The Marlin Club will be busy! We will be getting the scales certified, having our annual club clean-up day, and getting ready for what is looking to be a solid season. We have been working hard to get our schedule out for the year. That includes all the tournaments, and other club events. Man, it's not as easy to get the directors to "school" as you would think, but they have, and come through with a great year of events. Most of these events are "open" and we would love to see you and your family come out and enjoy a tournament! Join the club, and make your memories part of San Diego history, for all time!


On to business

We said our good bye's to Steve Willams-The Cowboy. I don't like saying Steve was the oldest club member. I'm not sure about that, but he was the longest member in good standing, in club history. He knew my grandfather, club member Ken Denton, who died when I was 3. He told me more about him than I had heard in a while. I am sad I won't learn more but blessed that I did get to spend some time with him and his reflections of club history. That will definitely help me in my duties here at the club. 


In other news..

We will be saying goodby to the heart and soul of the clubhouse Melissa Corondoni. She has done an incredible job the last few years, trying to organize a bunch of stinky fishermen long enough to meet, organize, plan, and put on tournaments. She has paid our bills, made our deposits, sold us our drinks & raffle tickets. Answered questions, sold swag, signed up new members, made 1,000 trips to Smart&Final, did a 1,000,000 other things, and oh yeah, she weighed fish and was responsible for all written recording involving catch, and the permanent Marlin Club record. She has been a great ambassador for the club and will be missed. Fortunately, Melissa has been training Wendy Grey to take her place. The club has had some great help from some strong women over the years. It's a great feeling to see it carry on! We know Melissa will do well with all she has in her future.



The fish of the month for March is ling cod. I'm going to fix FOM so that there are only 10 jackpots over the year, with 2 of them lasting 2 months to make up the differential in months. Then charge $10 per, or what many would prefer, $100 per year for all FOM's. They typically end on the last Sunday of the month. There are prizes given out to monthly winners!


Members Meeting & Open House

Our first Idea was to do this monthly, then maybe, every 2 months. I think we will play it by ear for now because we may want to do it more than that depending on the season. We had one last month with speaker and self proclaimed, "Best fisherman in the club", Todd Mora. It was fun and he "punched out" some good tips along with some fish" hooks!" The idea is that it's open to the public, free food, beer and soda available at the bar, a special guest speaker, and so forth. It's really a "sundowner", once popular at the club. This is a great way to come down and enjoy the clubhouse during a non fishing, family friendly event, learn about the club and enjoy it!

NEXT MEMBER MEETING... March 31st at 5pm! Guest speaker is: Dave Hansen! Colby from will show his line off! FOM for January & February will be awarded! SDFISHGUY, Doug, will BBQ! Sodas & beer available! CHECK IT OUT!


Annual Membership Meeting

This will go down on Saturday, April 21st, 5pm at the clubhouse. Long time fisherman from a fishing family, and club member, Tony Souza will be our guest speaker. Come down and hear the "State of the Club" address. Stand by for more details!


New Events!

This year we have The "April Marathon", and the "Iron Angler August" each a month long! The April event includes Hali, WSB, YT. The biggest one of the month wins it all. The "Iron Angler", will include Marlin, tuna, YT. Stand by for details and prizes.


It's time to get out and go fishing. I know it's early but things are happening, and to be a part of it you need to get out there!


As Always, tight lines and keep your rod bent!


Honest Jake