The catch must not be in variance with any of the California Department of Fish & Game regulations regarding the species landed. 


The fishing areas of the Club shall be limited to those waters of the Pacific Ocean Iying between a line running due east and west (true) from the southern tip of San Martin Island on the South and a similar line running due east and west (true) from the northern tip of San Miguel Island on the North and out to, and not to exceed 150 nautical miles off mainland shore.


1. The angler who caught the fish must present the tackle used for the catch at the time of the weigh-in. Any protest relative to weight of the fish, or the manner in which the fish was weighed, must be made before the fish is removed from the scales. Any protest relative to tackle or manner of catching the fish must be filed in writing with the Secretary/Treasurer of the Club within 24 hours from the time the fish is weighed.

2. Only fish taken on rod and reel shall be unloaded or weighed-in on The Marlin Club premises and no fish intended for commercial use shall be unloaded or weighed in. 

3. No member boat shall be eligible for Club trophies or prizes for fish taken, while said member boat receives any pay or remuneration that day.

4. Marlin weighed or tagged & released or released caught on 12-lb. tackle, 8-lb. tackle, 6-lb. tackle, 4-lb. tackle or 2-lb. tackle must submit 20 feet of line, used in the catch, to be tested by committee.

5. There shall be only one official weigh station for members of The Marlin Club, said station is located at 2445 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, California. All fish entered in competition for awards shall be weighed on the official scales of The Club or a site designated by The Marlin Club's Board of Directors as either temporary or permanent annexes of The Club, or on the official scales of an affiliate club. All weight certificates from other approved weigh stations must be postmarked not more than ten (10) days following the day of the catch.


The Marlin Club will accept weight certificates from The Tuna Club of Avalon, The Southern California Tuna Club, The Balboa Angling Club, The Pacific Anglers Club, Mission Bay Marlin Club, Oceanside Harbor Weigh Station, Dana Point Weigh Station, Huntington Harbor Anglers, Dana Angling Club or any certified scale.


To receive official recognition and be eligible for awards all first and last marlin of the season shall be weighed in on the official scales at The Marlin Club. The first fish for any and all trophies will be recognized by the following acts:

1. Radio or other communication actually made to another boat or person of the time and place of the actual boating of the fish.

2. The weighing of the fish on the scales of The Marlin Club with out regard to the time between the boating of the fish and the weighing of the fish. The latest hook-up time shall determine the last marlin of the season.


The official season for The Club shall be from January 1st., until midnight, December 31st. The Club House shall open on the first Wednesday, following June 15th, and shall operate on a schedule set by the Board of Directors ,until the first marlin of the season is taken. At that time, the Club shall switch to a seven day a week schedule. The Club House shall close for the season on November 30th of the year, or a date set by the Board of Directors.

Members who boat fish prior to or after the Club House being open, and wish to have their catch weighed, shall follow procedures posted on the bulletin board of the Club House. These procedures will indicate the person or persons to call to arrange a weigh-in. The Club will also print this information in the Gaff Line.

During the period in which the Club House is open, the Club will maintain a schedule to open by 2:00 pm and will stay open until 6:30 pm. To weigh fish after 6:00 pm, prior arrangements must be made either by VHF radio, or by telephoning the Club.

No fish will be weighed-in after 10:00 p.m.


The perpetual trophies shall remain in the possession of the Club at all times. There shall be only one take-home trophy or plaque for any one member of the club regardless of the number of perpetual trophies achieved during the season. The take-home trophy@ or plaque shall be engraved with the names of any and all perpetual trophies won by said member.


In the event of an angler hooking up on one boat and boating the fish on another, the angler shall receive full credit for the fish if it was taken in a recognized and accredited manner. The boat on which the fish was initially hooked will receive unofficial credit for weigh certificates and pictures, and may fly the catch flag, but neither boat shall receive recognition for boat trophies.  In order for fish to be eligible for boat trophies, a Marlin Club member must be aboard. In addition, the registered owner, or a member of his immediate family, must be aboard. Immediate family consists of husband, wife, son or daughter.


Only TAGGED & RELEASE/RELEASED fish caught and reported in accordance with the following rules shall qualify and be considered for Tag & Release/Release trophies, buttons and awards.

1. Prior to the time the leader is taken, the angler must announce to the other occupants on the boat, or in the case of a single angler then by radio to another Marlin Club member, that he intends to TAG & RELEASE/RELEASE the fish.

2. The leader must be in the hands of the angler or gaffer during the act of tagging or releasing the fish.

3. After the fish is tagged or released the leader or a portion thereof must remain in the hands of the angler or gaffer.

4. A TAGGED & RELEASED/RELEASED fish is considered caught when the fish has been tagged, and the leader or a portion thereof remains in the hands of the angler or gaffer or, if retrieved from the fish, the leader is still attached to the line.

5. The TAG and RELEASE registration card, or a facsimile copy of same, or a RELEASE form, must be turned into the Club within three days, or if mailed, must be postmarked not more than three days, following the date that the tag and release occurred. The line class and boat name must also be indicated on the card.

When entering the harbor and for the remainder of the day during which the fish was released, it is requested that the boat fly the proper specie flag with a WHITE PENNANT or the WOODS HOLE RELEASE MARLIN FLAG BELOW, designating that the fish was released and is not aboard.


For the purpose of clarifying the terms used in the awarding of trophies, the following definitions apply: 

The term TO CATCH shall mean to either boat or tag & release/release a fish.

The term BILLFISH shall apply to all species of marlin and swordfish, to include: Broadbill, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, White Marlin, Spearfish (all species) and Sailfish (all species).

The term MARLIN SWORDFISH shall define all species of marlin, to include: Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, and White Marlin.

The term CHARTER BOAT shall be defined as one which has carried one or more paying passengers, one or more days of the calendar year, and shall not be eligible for any boat trophies.

The term SKIFF shall be defined as an open type boat with no permanent superstructure (except of marine safety equipment), totally open to the elements, and self-propelled.


The administering of the Championship Points shall be governed by the following formula:


For all Boated Marlin 1 point per Pound, plus Line Class Points: 

Line Class

Line Class Points

30-lb and above










For all Tagged & Released/Released Marlin:

Line Class

Line Class Points

30-lb and above